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Pianta, Robert C. & Hamre, Bridget K.
RANGE: Teachers of 4-10 year olds 
ADMINISTRATION:Group, 10-30 minutes per session

STARS is a 3-part program consisting of Assessment, Teacher Support, and Banking Time stages designed to enhance the relationship between an at-risk student and a teacher on the verge of burnout.The Assessment stage helps identify problems and available resourcesusing both quantitative and qualitative information.The Teacher Support Assessment stage helps the teacher change their perception of the student-teacher relationship. The Banking Time stage uses a set of specific techniques to create positive interactions with the student and to establish a supportive relationship pattern. 
Kit includes: 
  • Manual
  • Videotape
  • 10 Workbooks 
  • 10 Teachers Booklets 
  • 50 Schedule/Log Sheets
  • 50 Feedback Forms