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Nursing Aptitude Test

Nursing Aptitude Test
by Zenaida C. Santos, ED.D 

The Nursing Aptitude Test (NAT) will give a baseline data to identify and understand the level of aptitude of Nursing Professionals and the dimensions that are significant in health care program.

Nursing Aptitude Test is a 140-item test. This test is designed to measure the readiness to learn and practice some activities that are related to nursing profession. It also measures the knowledge and managerial skills of students as well as the nurse practitioners working at various levels to enable them to render effective patient care.

The test is composed of five (5) subtests, namely: Memory Proficiency, Science Proficiency, Vocabulary, Judgment in Nursing Situations and Abstract Reasoning.

Memory Proficiency

This subtest consists of visual memory comprehension and retention which how much quickly an individual can remember the parts in the diagram and the content in the passages.

Science Proficiency

This subtest consists of all basic and applied sciences which measures the ability to comprehend information in natural sciences such as biology, physiology, chemistry and health and safety at a fundamental level. It also measures the applications and relationships of knowledge in the areas of natural sciences to the course of study in the nursing program.


This subtest consists of general as well as professional terms which measure how to analyze and understand the aggregate words used, and employed in the nursing field of knowledge.

Judgment in the Nursing Situations

This subtest measures the ability to decide on the proper procedures that a nurse may encounter in the line of duty. Further, it measures the exercise of judgment in the working environment experienced by nurses as well as students and practitioners.

Abstract Reasoning

This subtest is non-verbal exercise that measures the mental capacity of nurses. It consists of designs and figures that need comprehension as to form and relationships. It further measures the ability to manipulate these figures and designs mentally to visualize differences and similarities.

Kit composed of the following:

10 Test Booklets
50 Answer Sheets
1 Manual
1 Scoring Key

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