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Light's Retention Scale - Revised (LRS, 2006)

H. Wayne Light

The LRS remains a powerful tool that assists school professionals when makng the sensitive and often difficult decision about promoting or retaining a child. This revised edition includes: consideration of whether or not a student has preschool experience, an up-to-date review of the current findings on both sides of the issue, a changed score structure for the items, revised item descriptions, and new cutoff scores.

The LRS provides opportunities for dialogue between parents and educators and assures all involved that the decision is based on thoughful, professional findings. The record form is easy to use, identifying 20 areas of interest. The Light's Parent Guide explains each factor in detail, as well as the rationales used in making the decision. Spanish translations of the Rocording Form and Parent Guides are available.

The LRS is designed to be completed during a parent conference. Each of the 20 factors is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. The sum of the ratings is then compared to cutoff scores (provided in the Manual) to help determine if retention would be helpful or potentially harmful to the child, ages 6 through 18.

  • Manual, 50 English Recording Forms, 
  • 50 English Parent Guides