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Wonderlic Personnel Test; 

A Short and Quick IQ Test

Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) claims to measure your general intelligence. However, in fact, it measures your verbal, numerical and spatial capabilities. This highly culture based test is one of the most widely used psychological instruments all over the world. It attempts to screen the candidates for certain jobs within the shortest possible time.

History of Wonderlic Personnel Test

The Wonderlic personnel test was invented in 1939 by David Wonderlic. He was a student of psychology and wanted to measure intelligence of his team mates. However, due to its brevity and quickness, it became popular very soon. More than 2.5 million people go through it annually to clinch their applied jobs. More than 100 million people have already used it either to seek some position or to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses.

Like other psychological instruments Wonderlic personnel IQ test lacks solid evidence to prove its validity. However, it is available in 12 different languages and is often applied at college, entry level jobs and team making efforts. Most of the government and private organizations have made it an integral part of their psychological assessment sessions.

Main Features of Wonderlic Personnel IQ TestAverage IQ Score

General intelligence quotient tests like WAIS-IV and Alfred Binet IQ test scales have set a score of 100 for average intelligence. However, wonderlic personnel test has set score of 21 for average people.

Quick IQ Test

Wonderlic personal test is a time limited session which you are required to complete within 12 minutes. You may finish the entire questionnaire or attempt a few of them but you can’t continue working upon it after 12th minute. The free Wonderlic test may require you even less time. It is the reason that this is a quick IQ test.

Short IQ Test

The Wonderlic Personal Test is a short IQ test as well. It is comprised of merely 50 questions. Some psychologists view it a shorter version of main intelligence quotient tests. The free Wonderlic Personnel test samples are even shorter. 

Structure: From Easier to Difficult

Like other IQ tests, the Wonderlic personnel IQ test contains easy questions in the beginning. However, as you go on, the level of difficulty starts rising. The last ten questions or so may be the most difficult ones.

No Negative Marking

The Wonderlic Personnel Test IQ doesn’t penalize you for selecting the wrong choices. You should read an item carefully and try to find out your answer without looking at the options. If you fail to find a correct answer, then you should ignore the wrong choices straightforwardly. You shall get a couple of choices remaining. Try to make your best choice instead of skipping that. Even if your answer is wrong, you are not going to face negative marking.

No Use of Aiding Tools

The Wonderlic personal test focuses upon your verbal, numerical and spatial capabilities. However, it does not allow any kind of aiding tools such as calculators and dictionaries. You are required to read the questionnaire and write answers with pencil on the answer sheet. In the case of online Wonderlic test, you will have to use your mouse. In some cases printable IQ tests are also available.

Focusing Areas of Wonderlic Personnel Test

The Wonderlic Personnel IQ Test focuses upon your verbal, numerical and spatial capabilities. However, the questions may take different angles depending upon the ‘intelligence’ of the question setters.

Verbal IQ test

The verbal testing may contain questions of following types:

  • You may be given certain words and be required to compare each of them to make a definite right choice from the multiple choice answers.
  • You may find some disarranged sentences and be required to arrange them to find out a logical solution.
  • You may be asked to identify parallelism in sentences.
  • You may even find some story demanding your critical reasoning to find out the correct answer.
Math IQ Test

The numerical intelligence testing focuses upon your basic mathematical skills. The questions may be structured as:
  • You may find certain questions with decimals, fractions and other mathematical concepts.
  • You may be given a numerical series with certain pattern. You may be required to find out the next option following the given pattern.
  • You may find some numbers and be asked to compare them.
Spatial IQ Test

The spatial ability test portion focuses upon your imagination, visualization and knowledge of basic geometrical concepts. The questions may be structured in a number of ways including:
  • You may be asked to follow certain directions and reach to the right destination imaginatively.
  • You may be required to analyze some geometrical shapes to find out the required answer.
Simple Instructions

This area of Wonderlic Personnel Test is not generally highlighted. It tries to measure your capability in following the simple instructions. This portion starts much earlier. You are required to follow the instructions about the test in letter and spirit. Then you are required to follow simple instructions given to attempt every item. It is presumed that if you can’t follow Wonderlic personal test simple instructions, you can’t perform well in real life situations.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test has been holding the field since 1930s. There are certain limitations and a lot of criticism upon its design, conduct and claims. But it is still very popular and in use psychological instrument. If cultural bases are removed and the IQ test score meanings are rationalized with modern concepts of intelligence, it can be more helpful to screen applicants.