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Woodcock-Johnson® III NU Complete

  • Type: Two distinct, co-normed batteries
  • Purpose: Provides a comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability, specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language, and academic achievement.
  • Ages: 2 to 90+ years
  • Times: Varies, about 5 minutes per test; Cognitive Standard 7 tests (35–45 minutes); Achievement Standard 11 tests (55–65 minutes).
  • Scoring: The WJIII NU Compuscore® and Profiles Program Program quickly converts raw scores to derived scores to meet all basic scoring and reporting needs. The Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program™ (WIIIP™) is an expert system for interpreting test results that expands on the benefits of Compuscore by providing direct links between assessment results and evidence-based interventions.
  • Expanded depth and coverage—Achievement battery has seven additional tests and eight additional clusters; Cognitive battery has eight additional tests and five additional clusters
  • Extended grade norms from Kindergarten to university graduate students
  • Scoring software that eliminates hand-scoring
  • Comprehensive procedures that include three intra-individual procedures and three ability/achievement procedures
  • Broader cognitive factor scores that measure narrow aspects of each broad ability
  • Only cognitive test to offer calculated “g” score as General Intellectual Ability (GIA), rather than arithmetic mean score
  • Expanded Broad Achievement clusters that contain 3 tests measuring basic skills, fluency, and application
  • NU Tests of Achievement match all eight areas of IDEA legislation
  • Oral language tests included in the Achievement battery
  • Ideal for measuring basic psychological processes in problem-solving models like Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Ideal for identifying specific skill deficits that will be the focus of intervention curriculum in problem-solving models like Response to Intervention (RTI)