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Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test (S-FRIT)

The Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test provides a quick assessment of verbal and nonverbal intelligence and is designed for ages 5-adult and completes in approximately 25-45 minutes.

The S-FRIT is an easy-to-use, reliable screening test that provides a balanced measure of Verbal Performance/Memory cognitive assessment. It assesses Verbal Skills/Quantitative/Recall Memory/Abstract Performance Reasoning. Differentially screens nonverbal from verbal abilities even when language skills are limited.

Intended to supplement more extensive cognitive assessments, the S-FRIT helps chart cognitive progress. It is also useful in helping to plan educational programming, and in screening new student admissions. By differentially screening Verbal Skills/Performance Abilities/Memory Recall the S-FRIT assures proper placement. Teachers, psychologists and counselors can administer it.

The 252 S-FRIT items yield separate indexes for Verbal, Performance and Memory abilities. When combined, they yield a Rull-Range Intelligence Quotient. The Item Profiles/Score Summaries Form provides a Full-Range Intelligence Quotient (FRIQ), Rapid Cognitive Index (RCI), subtest scores, and allows easy comparison of abilities, for additional interpretation.