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Naglieri CAS

The Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System is an assessment battery designed to evaluate cognitive processing. It was developed to integrate theoretical and applied areas of psychological knowledge using cognitive processing theory and tests designed to measure—Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive Processing (PASS)—in individuals ages 5–17.

This assessment facilitates mental health professionals in the identification of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, learning disabilities, Mental Retardation, and giftedness.

How to Use the Assessment
To meet the administrator’s need for flexibility, the CAS includes two forms, a Standard Battery and a Basic Battery. Each of the two forms is composed of the PASS scales. In the Standard Battery, these scales are composed of three subtests each. In the Basic Battery, the scales are composed of two subtests each.

Methods to evaluate the results obtained from the CAS are described in the Interpretive Handbook. PASS scale scores and the Full Scale score are reported as standard scores with a mean of 100 and SD of 15. Subtest scaled scores with a mean of 10 and SD of 3 are also provided. For determining intraindividual differences, tables are provided to evaluate the significance of the differences between the four PASS scale standard scores. Similar tables are provided for evaluating the significance of differences between scaled scores for each subtest within a PASS scale.

To assess ability-achievement discrepancies, Simple-Difference and Predicted- Difference tables are provided. Methods for using the PASS scores to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as related academic weaknesses, are also given. The unique information obtained from the CAS results is particularly helpful when assessing special populations.

The Interpretive Handbook that accompanies the CAS provides additional resources for examiners, including detailed interpretative strategies and implications for intervention based on CAS results. Several research based programs of instruction directly linked to PASS Theory are also described. Two illustrative case reports, each presenting a written interpretation of CAS results are also included.

There is also a special software scoring and reporting program available with this assessment. The CAS Rapid Score Software scoring and reporting software is a valuable program that will help you score the CAS quickly and easily.

Scaled scores are immediately calculated based on entry of raw scores, and a Narrative Summary Report may be generated that allows for onscreen editing, copying and pasting, or exporting to a text file. Comparisons of values obtained from the CAS and a variety of achievement tests are also provided. Cases may be stored and easily retrieved as required.