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Metropolitan Achievement Test 7th Edition
Test questions range from questions measuring foundation skills to questions measuring critical thinking processes and strategies.

This edition reflects what is taught in today’s classrooms. It was developed after a thorough review of current textbooks and curriculum materials being used in classrooms nationwide.

Our content experts studied syllabi, state and large-city curriculum guidelines and standards, assessments, and current research on learning and instruction. Collaboration with experts and in-house research and analysis also guided the test development process. Each test question was written, edited, and reviewed for content, style, and appropriateness, while taking into account ethnic, cultural, racial, and gender bias. Care was taken to ensure that METROPOLITAN7 is appropriate for special needs students as well—in test content, format, and administration.

METROPOLITAN7 provides more than the traditional reporting information—it delivers information and reports that are meaningful. The reporting system provides specific actions to aid teachers, administrators, and parents in charting a course for their student’s success.

Flexible Administration Times

METROPOLITAN7 allows flexible testing times and use of multiple, shortened test periods so that all students can perform within a comfortable timeframe and not become frustrated. Students will be encouraged to complete the test and give their best effort, taking the time they need to answer questions. Testing time guidelines are provided to help administrators and teachers plan.

Unique Answer Document
This unique, innovative Answer Document helps children stay on track while taking the test. Visually organizing the answer spaces according to the questions on each page in the test booklet and the content area, this document provides a clear road map for guiding students through the process of marking their answers.