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MD5 Mental Ability


The MD5 Mental Ability Testing is designed to assess mental ability quickly and easily over a wide range of educational and ability levels, in staff selection, placement and counselling.


The test consists of 57 items in a non reusable booklet, and involves finding missing letters, numbers or words, represented by the corresponding number of asterisks. Either pencil-and-paper or computer- based versions are available.

The MD5 is easy to administer as the instructions are clearly given in the Technical Manual or on-screen for the computer-based version.

Normative Data exists for several different groups ranging from job applicants with no GCSE qualifications to middle level managers in employment. The manual also gives details of the test's reliability and validity together with correlations with other mental ability tests.


Construct Validity comparing the MD5 with a variety of ability tests can be found in the Technical Manual.


15 minutes