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Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 1984, 1998

The Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II (MAB-II) assesses aptitudes and intelligence. It yields a profile of ten subtest scores, and scores for Verbal, Performance and Full Scale. Scores can be expressed as standard scores, percentiles, or IQ's.


Aptitude assessment for employment purposes.
Research into intellectual processes and their relation to other psychological constructs, job performance, and learning.
Neuropsychological assessment and research.

The MAB-II can be administered individually or in groups. Computer administration is also available. Individual or group administration can be aided by tape-recorded instructions and timing. The time limit for each subtest is seven (7) minutes, so one (1) battery of five (5) subtests can easily be administered in one sitting, or the entire test in 100 minutes. Any combination of subtests can be administered for shorter forms.

The MAB-II assesses 10 distinct domains of human intellectual functioning, grouped into two (2) broader categories, as follows:

Verbal: Information, Comprehension, Arithmetic, Similarities, Vocabulary

Performance: Digit Symbol, Picture Completion, Spatial, Picture Arrangement, Object Assembly

Reliability and Validity

Test-retest reliabilities on separately timed test administrations obtained values for total scores of .95 for Verbal, .96 for Performance, and .97 for the Full Scale. The MAB-II Full Scale correlation with one widely used individual IQ measure is .91.

Hand Scoring

Hand scoring takes approximately 10 minutes using four (4) templates with subtest scores being transferred to a record form. Materials required for hand scoring include the manual (CD-ROM ONLY), a set of scoring templates, one test booklet and one answer sheet for each of the Verbal and Performance batteries and one record form per respondent.

Mail-in Scoring

The MAB-II Extended Report generated by the Mail-in Scoring service includes raw, standardized and age corrected scale scores, as well as either an IQ or standard score for the Verbal, Performance and Full Scale Batteries. Introductory text and scale descriptions make this report suitable for review with the respondent. The report is also accompanied by a professional summary page containing all of the respondent's scores. The MAB-II Clinical Report consists of a profile of subtest, battery and full-scale scores, profiles of the differences between battery subtest scores and the battery mean, an interpretation of IQ results, a paragraph describing Verbal and Performance IQ differences, the Hold over Don't Hold ratio, as well as a table of raw responses. Materials required to administer the MAB-II and receive either report include one test booklet for each of the Verbal and Performance batteries, along with the answer sheets and appropriate scoring coupon.


Our SigmaSoft MAB-II for Windows software administers all sections of the MAB-II, including the Performance subtests, directly on your PC. This software makes administering the MAB-II simple. Select the desired subtests, and the software handles the rest, from presenting instructions and practice items to timing the individual tests. The MAB-II for Windows software also makes it easy to input answers or scale scores from paper and pencil administrations and can import data scanned from special forms using an optical mark reader. The MAB-II for Windows software produces four types of reports. Both the Clinical and Extended Reports are similar to those available from our Mail-in Scoring service. The Basic Report contains all of the profiles found in the Extended Report, but does not provide introductory text or scale descriptions. The Data Report contains the scores found in the Basic Report in a format designed for use by other programs. In addition to the software itself, you will need to purchase enough coupons to pay for each report you wish to produce.