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Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and Language Skills

The K-SEALS utilizes subtests for expressive and receptive language, number skills, letter and word skills, vocabulary, and articulation to provide a comprehensive survey of a child's speech and pre-academic development. The K-SEALS can be used to test for school readiness, identify gifted children, evaluate program effectiveness, and research a child's early development.

Administration and Scoring
K-SEALS is individually administered and although it is untimed, it can be completed in approximately 15 minutes. Subtest and composite performances are reported as standard scores and percentile ranks. Age equivalents and descriptive categories are also provided.


  • Three subtests offer a well-rounded profile
  • High-quality norms and reliability coefficients offer greater confidence

Useful for a variety of applications

The Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and Language Skills (K-SEALS) is perfect for preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, speech and language clinics, medical agencies, or any other setting in which young children are assessed.

K-SEALS is valuable in a variety of situations—testing school readiness, identifying gifted children, evaluating program effectiveness, and researching children’s early development.

K-SEALS features three separate subtests for a well-rounded profile:

  • Vocabulary Subtest—the child identifies, by gesture or name, pictures of objects or actions and points to or names objects based on verbal descriptions of their attributes
  • Numbers, Letters & Words—the child selects or names numbers, letters, or words; counts; indicates knowledge of number concepts (“smallest,” “half”); and solves number problems
  • Articulation Survey—the child pronounces the names of common objects or actions and is assessed for correctness of pronunciation

Flexible test interpretation

K-SEALS is an expanded and enhanced version of the Cognitive/ Language Profile in the Early Screening Profiles. This means you receive a more reliable and balanced evaluation in the subtest, scale, and composite content areas. K-SEALS features three separate subtests for a well-rounded profile: Vocabulary Subtest; Numbers, Letters & Words; and Articulation Survey.

Reliable results

K-SEALS assures reliable, valid scores, including test-retest stability over long and short intervals. K-SEALS is standardized on a national sample of 1,000. The sample was controlled for age, gender, race, geographic region, and community size.

Internal consistency:

  • Subtests—.88 to .94
  • Scales—.81 to.94
  • Composite—.94


  • Subtests—.87 to .92
  • Scales—.88 to.93
  • Composite—.94