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Quick, reliable, and valid

The Kaufman Adolescent & Adult Intelligence Test (KAIT) is a multi-subtest battery based on the Cattell-Horn model of
fluid/crystallized intelligence. The Core Battery of six subtests yields Fluid, Crystallized, and Composite IQs, each with reliability and stability coefficients in the .90s. KAIT demonstrates high construct validity with tests such as WISC-R, WAIS-R, and K-ABC.

KAIT was normed on a representative sample of 2,000 people. KAIT’s high-level, adult-oriented tasks require reasoning and planning ability, making KAIT appealing to adults. Because fine motor coordination and motor speed are not emphasized, KAIT yields a more meaningful and pure measure of intelligence in older adults
KAIT’s Core Battery

The Core Battery is ideal as part of a psycho-educational evaluation, or a neuropsychological, vocational, or clinical battery.

Crystallized Scale:

Auditory Comprehension: Listening to a recording of (or examiner reading aloud) a news story, then answering literal and inferential questions about the story.

Double Meanings: Studying two sets of word clues, then thinking of a word with two different meanings that fits both sets of clues.

Definitions: Integrating two types of clues-a word with some of its letters missing and an oral clue — about the word’s meaning-to identify the word.

Fluid Scale:

Rebus Learning: Learning the word or concept that is represented by a rebus (that is, a picture that stands for a word), and then ‘reading’ phrases and sentences composed of these rebuses.

Mystery Codes: Cracking a code that is used to identify a set of pictures, and then applying this code to a new set of pictures.

Logical Steps: Attending to logical premises presented both visually and orally, using these to solve a problem.
KAIT’s Expanded Battery Subtests

Add one or more of the four additional subtests to the Core Battery to administer the Expanded Battery. These subtests permit comparison of immediate versus delayed memory. The Expanded Battery is especially useful for clinical and neuropsychological assessment.

Memory for Block Designs: Studying a printed design that is briefly exposed, then constructing the design using six cubes and a formboard. (Also serves as an alternate subtest for the Core Battery Fluid Scale.)

Famous Faces: Naming people of current or historical fame, based on their photographs and a verbal clue. (Also serves as an alternate subtest for the Core Battery Crystallized Scale.)

Rebus Recall: ‘Reading’ phrases and sentences composed of rebuses that were learned earlier during the administration of Rebus Learning.

Auditory Recall: Answering literal and inferential questions about news stories that were heard during administration of Auditory Comprehension.

KAIT’s supplementary measure of MENTAL STATUS allows you to obtain an estimate of mental functioning for severely impaired individuals. Items consist of simple questions that assess attention and orientation, such as knowing the day, date, one’s age, and telling time.
KAIT ASSISTT makes scoring easy

Save valuable time with KAIT ASSISTTM software for IBM computers. It takes just seconds to enter raw scores-and only a few seconds more for the computer to convert the raw scores into derived scores.
The program also flags certain subtests as significantly high or low and provides hypotheses to consider concerning strengths and weaknesses.
Note: Because Microsoft no longer supports the DOS platform, the KAIT ASSIST will only work in Windows 3.1 or DOS 6.0 or lower operating systems.

Three reports give you in-depth information:

Score Summary-lists all subtests administered, shows the sum of subtest scaled scores, plus IQ comparison

Profile Analysis-presents Crystallized and Fluid subtest scaled scores in comparison to mean scaled scores

Narrative Hypotheses-provides a narrative report on IQs and related information, as well as hypotheses of cognitive strengths and weaknesses

Quick and efficient, the ASSIST is also economical. One disk holds up to ninety cases at a time. And since there are no usage counters, a replacement disk is never necessary.
KAIT Training Video The KAIT Training Video (70 mins) presents sample test sessions with a variety of psychologists and clients to help you administer KAIT’s unique subtests, plus many administration and scoring tips to help you obtain reliable, valid results