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PSI's EMPLOYEE APTITUDE SURVEY is the Key to a high-quality workforce. The EAS series consists of ten tests that
were specifically designed to measure cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities required for successful job performance in a wide variety of occupations. The EAS tests have proven to be a practical and reliable tool for employee selection and career counseling.

Fast, Simple Administration

Most of the tests take only 5 minutes. Each test is confined to a single sheet. Complete instructions appear on the face of the test sheet, with the test questions themselves on the reverse side. The Examiner's Manual accompanying the tests provides complete and simple instructions for administration.

Easy to Score and Interpret
The EAS tests are designed for easy hand scoring. Stencils are provided for scoring both right and wrong responses. Scoring instructions in the Examiner's Manual are brief and simple. Optically scannable forms are available for tests 1-7 and 10.

The EAS contains the following ten subtests: Verbal Comprehension; Numerical Ability; Visual Pursuit; Visual Speed and Accuracy; Space Visualisation; Numerical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning; Word Fluency; Manual Speed and Accuracy; and Symbolic Reasoning. Each EAS subtest takes no more than 5 minutes to administer and scoring is also brief. Each subtest is printed on a single sheet with directions on one side and test items on the other. Subtests can be selected according to position requirements.

Normative, reliability and validity data are presented in the manual for a variety of educational and occupational groups, including Managerial, Production/ Mechanical, Technical, and Sales positions. There is an alternative form for the majority of the subtests.