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Differential Aptitude Tests 5th ed.

Use the Differential Aptitude Tests® for Personnel and Career Assessment to identify candidates for hiring, training and career development in any organizational setting.

From corporations to nonprofits, the skills measured in these tests offer clear indications of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses. The Differential Aptitude Tests® for Personnel and Career Assessment tests applicants in key areas directly related to successful job performance.

General Cognitive Abilities - Contains Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Ability. These tests measure the ability to learn in either an occupational or training setting, and specifically the ability to learn from books and manuals, self instruction, trainers, teachers, or mentors.

Perceptual Abilities - Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, and Space Relations. Tests abilities that are important when dealing with things, rather than people or words.

Clerical and Language Skills - Spelling, Language Usage, and Clerical Speed and Accuracy. Tests skills necessary to perform various types.

Administration: Complete Battery Working Time: 2.5 hours
Partial Battery Working Time: 1.5 hours
Qualification level: B-Level
Publication Date: 1990
Ages / Grades: 7 through 12 and adults
Norms: Percentile Ranks, Stanines, and Scaled Scores presented separately for males and females, as well as combined
Forms: One
Kriz John Mella,
May 13, 2012, 6:49 PM