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Bennet MCT

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test
When you need to determine quickly and surely if a job applicant has the aptitude to learn mechanical skills, you need the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test.
Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

In only 30 minutes, the BMCT results help you decide who is best suited for jobs requiring a grasp of the principles of operation and repair of complex devices. The 68 BMCT test items are presented in terms of simple, frequently encountered mechanisms and require no special knowledge. Items do require the application of a physical law or mechanical operation and focus on spatial perception and tool knowledge rather than manual dexterity.

The BMCT may be self-administered, read aloud by an examiner; or administered using a taped recording of the questions. You may administer it to a single applicant or a group. The first forms of the BMCT were prepared for use in the US military and many of the Allied countries. Current forms have been refined in more than 50 years of research and use. The manual was revised in 1994 and contains 18 new norms tables, based on cases collected in 1993 and 1994. Updated test booklets retain original items but have a contemporary look. Answer sheets and score keys have been redesigned to make them easy to use.

Reliability coefficients range from .81 to .93, indicating that the BMCT is a consistent measure. For jobs requiring multiple aptitudes, the BMCT is most effective when used in combination with other tests.