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DTLA-4 Primary

Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude–Primary 4th ed.

The oldest and most venerable test of specific mental abilities, the DTLA-4 measures basic abilities and shows the effects of language, attention, and motor abilities on test performance. The DTLA-4 contains 10 subtests: word opposites, design reproduction, design sequences, basic information, sentence imitation, symbolic relations, reversed letters, word sequences, story construction, and story sequences.

Scores are presented as percentiles, standard scores, and age equivalents based on a normative database of 1,350 students. The DTLA-4 permits interpretation in terms of current theories of intellect and important behavioural domains, while providing an index of optimal performance levels.

Ages: 6-17
Administration: Professionally Administered
Administration Time: 40 minutes–2 hours
Qualification Level: B
  • Handscored
  • Software
  • Key Areas Measured:
  • Intelligence