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ADHD Symptoms Rating Scale (ADHD-SRS)

The ADHD Symptoms Rating Scale is a standardized, norm-referenced ADHD rating scale. The ADHD-SRS was developed to aid in symptom identication, diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of treatment progress in children and adolescents aged 5 - 18.

The ADHD-SRS contains 56 items providing a thorough, complete assessment, and two subscales - Hyperactivity-Impulsivity (HI) and Inattention (IN). Raters may be selected from either the child’s home or school, and need only about 10-15 minutes to complete the rating scale. It is available in both English and Spanish; scoring can be done easily by hand or with the computerized scoring program. ADHD-SRS was normed on a national sample of more than 2,800 individuals (ages 5-18) stratified for age, gender, ethnicity, and geographic region. (Qualification Level B)