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Gray Diagnostic Reading Tests, Second Edition (GDRT-2)

by Brian R. Bryant, J. Lee Wiederholt, and Diane P. Bryant

The GDRT-2 is a norm-referenced, reliable, and valid assessment of oral reading ability. Individually administered in 45-60 minutes, the GDRT-2 is appropriate for individuals aged 6-0 to 13-11. It can be used to assess students who have difficulty reading continuous print or who require an evaluation of specific abilities and weaknesses. Two parallel forms are provided, allowing you to monitor a student's reading progress over time. Teachers and reading specialists find this test a useful and efficient way to gauge reading skills progress.

The GDRT-2 has four core subtests, each of which measures an important reading skill:
  • Letter/Word Identification
  • Phonetic Analysis
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Meaningful Reading 
In addition, there are three supplemental subtests that measure skills considered important in diagnosing or teaching developmental readers or children with dyslexia. The three supplemental subtests are:
  • Listening Vocabulary
  • Rapid Naming
  • Phonological Awareness 
To enhance the clinical and diagnostic usefulness of the GDRT-2, scaled scores for the core subtests can be combined to form three composites:
  • Decoding Composite
  • Comprehension Composite
  • General Reading Composite 
The test was standardized on a sample of 1,018 students ages 6 through 18. The normative sample was stratified to correspond to key demographic variables (e.g., race, gender, and geographic region).