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Expressive One-Word Picture VocabularyTest-2000 Edition (EOWPVT–2000)

Ages: 2-0 through 18-11
Testing Time: 20 minutes
Administration: Individual
The popular and effective Expressive One-WordPicture Vocabulary Test(EOWPVT) has been revised. The following are some of the new features of the 2000edition:
  • All test plate illustrations are now in full color, with drawings that are easy to interpret and that better hold the examinee's interest.
  • National norms for ages 2-0 through 18-11 are based on a current (1999) representative sample of individuals residing in the United States.
  • Many test items have been replaced and added, and items have been screened for bias.
  • The tests have been co-normed so that meaningful comparisons of an individual's expressive and receptive language can be made.
  • The EOWPVT-2000 includes new administration procedures that permit the examiner to prompt or cue examinees so that they will attend to the relevant aspects of each illustration.
As a result of these changes, users of the 2000 edition will find that these tests meet a high standard of technical development, are easy to use, and have great appeal to examinees.

The EOWPVT-2000 measures a child's verbal expression of language by asking the child to make word picture associations. In administration, the examiner shows the child pictures and the child provides names for those pictures. In addition to providing information about how a child processes language, the test provides information about the following:
  • Speech defects
  • Learning disorders
  • Auditory processing
  • English fluency of a bilingual child
  • Auditory-visual-verbal association ability
The EOWPVT-2000 can be administered individually in 10 to 15 minutes and can be scored in 5 minutes or less.