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Basic Early Assessment of Reading-Grade 1


BEAR helps educators assess students’ reading and language-arts skills, plan instruction, document student progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs. The BEAR consists of four complete assessments, which can be administered in their entirety or mixed and matched to augment an existing reading program. Initial-Skills Analysis provides a baseline of students’ skills in Reading Basics, Comprehension, and Language Arts at the beginning of the school year. Summative Assessment gives a comprehensive view of students’ skill development by foundation skill area at the end of the school year.

Administration and Scoring

The BEAR is untimed, but estimated administration times are as follows: Initial-Skills Analysis 45–60 minutes total; Specific-Skills Analysis 30–40 minutes per content area; Oral Reading Fluency Assessment 15–30 minutes per passage or list; and Summative Assessment 30–40 minutes per content area.