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Self Directed Search Assessment & Finder Form CP

The Self Directed Search CP is:
  • Easy to use, printed – Complete the career self assessment test in 30 minutes.
  • Tested, proven, and dependable – Used by over 22 million people worldwide.
  • An excellent, introductory resource
The Self Directed Search gives you a two or three-letter RIASEC or Holland Code that tells the relationship between job personalities, key characteristics, college majors, hobbies, abilities, and careers.

The SDS Form CP focuses specifically on the needs of adults and employees to help them -
  • Plan for future changes in employment
  • Make successful career transitions
  • Reenter the workforce to obtain a new career

Self-Administered and Self-Scored

The SDS Form CP Career Options Finder (COF) lists 1,321 different careers, encompassing a wide range of industries and occupational groups. Each career is listed with educational requirements and the associated Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) code, providing valuable information for personal career research.