• Efficient and conscientious distribution of psychological testing/assessment materials to schools, business establishments and psychological clinics within the Republic of the Philippines.   
  • Comprehensive testing services for the schools who need to assess students' functioning and achievement levels and abilities; for government and private institutions and organizations who are in need of basis for effective management decision making, i.e., hiring, placement, selection, career assessment and promotion.
  • Provide professional consultancy services in evaluating and analyzing appropriate psychological assessment tools to institutions and make the necessary recommendations.
  • Current and relevant training/seminars and small group consultative meetings in the administration evaluation and analysis of the latest psychological testing tools and other related materials for HRD managers, guidance counselors, psychology practitioners as well as students of psychology.


A client who wants to purchase psychological testing materials or avail of testing services from PsyCenter either for his/her own use or for use of the company/school he represents shall have to fill-up an application form to qualify. The client is required to submit the filled-up application form together with her/his resume, and the following documents:

      •  Photocopy of Transcript of Records (TOR)  
      • 2 pcs. 2x2 Picture with white background (for membership ID)
      • Certificate of Employment
      • Membership Fee of 250 php (validity period of 3 years)

PsyCenter shall evaluate the client's qualification based on the application form and resume submitted and shall classify the client as to levels for which he/she can avail of certain test materials. The following classification levels shall apply with the corresponding test materials that the clients are qualified to purchase:
                LEVEL A          -           I.Q. / E.Q. Personality Inventory
                LEVEL B          -           Personality Disorders Inventory, Business
                                              / Industry Light Projective Tests (including A)
                LEVEL C          -           Projective Tests ( including A & B )

PsyCenter shall sponsor seminar/workshops at least once a year on Psychology testing related topics. These seminar/workshops are open to-all clients as well as other interested parties and individuals. Certificates of attendance shall be given to participants who have completed the workshops. For accredited clients, these seminar/workshops shall be credited to their qualifications on record and may upgrade their qualification levels. (e.g. from level A to level B)

PSYCENTER shall upon request of clients, provide one-on-one or small group training/consultation to qualified clients in areas of test administration, interpretation and psychological analysis report writing and other related areas.
 If you wish to purchase or avail any of our services you may contact us at any of our branches, please go directly to our Contact Us page.
 If you wish a print out format of the above, please go to our Download page, and choose the 'PRC-Guidelines for Accreditation' file or the qualification form which also has the Guidelines.