Psychological Resources Center, Inc. -  We are known as one of the best and most complete testing institutions in the Republic of the Philippines. Our company aims to address the increasing need for psychometric systems of diagnosing, predicting and understanding behavioral and cognitive problems before and when they arise.
        We cater our services mainly to other business entities (B2B), clinics and other psychological entities as well. We provide our clients with the best and updated testing materials that can be conducted by our staff and evaluated by our affiliate professionals.

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   Cebu City Testing Center

    PsyCenter currently has a satellite office at the Visayas region to provide excellent quality service to our clients. 

    Our testing center is located at Room 354 Colon Development Corp. (CDC) Bldg., Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City(infront of Basilica Minore De Sto. Niño). It is equipped with the basic amenities to provide testing to 15 people and has the latest test materials that you may browse and view. You can download the location map on this link or call our office thru our telefax number 032-4153263 for more information.

PsyCenter receives Exclusive Distributorship 
of Basic Personality Inventory (BPI)

Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc. has granted Psychological Resources Center exclusive distributorship of the Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) Tests here at the Republic of the Philippines.

Providing excellent quality service to respected and valuable clients since 2002. 

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Basic Personality Inventory-Filipino

    The Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) is a personality assessment intended for use with clinical and normal Filipino population to identify sources of maladjustment and personal strengths. The BPI-Filipino can e used with both adolescents and adults, and can be completed in half the time of other measures of psychopathology.

Standardized Aptitude Test for Teachers
    The Standardized Aptitude Test for Teachers (SATT) is a 170-item test designed to measure/assess the intellectual dimensions necessary for an individual to succeed in the teaching profession.
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Our up-to-date products belong to the upper tier of the psychometric testing services offered throughout the Philippines. Our basic advantage is the experience in conducting these tests efficiently and productively. We can help you and your business by giving you a wide range of testing materials possible. We have provided for you individual test descriptions and we are continually adding new product pages to update our inventory. Rest assured that your psychological evaluations can be met professionally.

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We have provided for you an email form and other details of our company should you wish to have further clarifications regarding the products we distribute. We will meet your inquiries with the utmost urgency we can provide as possible. Our business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Manila Time.